Summer recess! What Summer recess??

Parliament have a Summer recess. (That will give us all a welcome break!!) At St Mary’s Centre we will be business as normal……Sort of? !?!
Yes, some of our activities take a break but behind the scenes we will be undergoing a number of improvement projects.
Work on the roof will be continued to carry out necessary repairs. Our trusty local builder David Johnson will make sure of that! (Oh, yes he will!)

Alongside the exterior work there will be a team of Heating engineers from Boiler Control Services. They are installing a new boiler and Radiators to give us independently operated systems in the Front Upper Hall areas. Offices/Mutual room/washrooms etc.

If that’s not enough why don’t we do some work on the Stage I hear you ask!!!

OK ………..In conjunction with the Operatic and Dramatic Society we are Upgrading the Stage lighting to give us a more Modern flexible lighting system.

The Committee are working hard to continue the improvement process to enable the Centre to be an even better environment for the various User Groups and visitors to our Community Centre.

Thanks to all who continue to use the Facilities and Support St Mary’s. With your support we can continue to maintain and improve the Hall.

Watch this space for further Developments.

Ice Show at St Mary’s

Once upon a time on Ice.
Coming to St Mary’s Centre for the first time is a spectacular Ice Show by Ice Glitz Productions suitable for the whole family.
Based on Classic Fairy tale the show involves a combination of Ice Skating, Gymnastics and Comedy.
There are two performances on the 17th June 2.30 p.m. and 7.00 p.m.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see a professional Ice Show in the Ribble Valley.
Get your Tickets now at St Mary’s Centre or from Flipside Fitness in Barrow.