Spanish course

I am a Spanish teacher who loves her job. One of the reasons is because of the lovely people I meet. From young to mature students (up to 80 years old) they are all keen to learn and do their best. They help each other and work together to progress at the same time. They learn and have a laugh as well, because you need to have fun and enjoy while learning.

People learn a language for different reasons: some because their children have married Spanish or South American natives, some because they go on holidays to these places, some because they are planning to retire there and some just to learn a new hobby and make friends. There have been lots of studies that have proved the benefits of learning a language by keeping the brain active and working.

There are lots of good reasons to join one of the new courses starting in September. From the Beginners Course, with its basic introduction to the Spanish language that helps students to communicate with native speakers (who do really appreciate your effort) and then onto the follow – up courses for those who want to improve their skills.  It is a rewarding job to see the student’s progress and how their confidence grows.

My aim is to make each lesson enjoyable, encouraging students to work together and to create a pleasant atmosphere in which learning is fun. I am looking forward to sharing your company and helping you to learn Spanish.

I end with a quote from Gates McFadden Just learning to think in another language allows you to see your own culture in a better viewpoint”.

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Spanish for Holidays (15 week course)

Cost: £120.00 (sorry no concessions).

“I have really enjoyed the course and the style of teaching – very practical and at a pace I’ve been able to cope with. Montse has worked really hard and brought lots of resources which have been fun to use. A great start to learning Spanish”- Carole Dew, Spanish for Holiday Course, June 2016

“I have always wanted to learn Spanish but I was always nervous about doing so. I saw the Spanish fun course and decided to go for it!…. I’m so glad I did it’s been so easy with Montse I’ve learned so much it’s easy to follow and if I don’t understand its explained without being patronising” – Maria Fitzpatrick, January 2017